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Surrendering to the mystery
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[last update: October 2013]

Hi, I'm Jenett. I'm Jenett on here, on on Dreamwidth and on various forums. You can usually tell it's me because I'll link to something on gleewood.org as the web address. This is my personal online space (as opposed to my professional-self space.)

These days, I consider my main online personal home to be Dreamwidth, but I crosspost almost everything to LiveJournal still. (The salon posts are public only on Dreamwidth, to make it possible for me to manage comments.)

I was born in Boston, live there through my college years, spent twelve years living in Minnesota, and moved to Maine for my current job in 2011. My father was English and my mother grew up in the UK, and for a variety of reasons, I tend to use British spelling (but not always terminology) in casual writing.

I'm 38, live in Maine, and work as the information technology librarian at a small college, where my job is partly to keep the library's technology working, and partly to tell other people about awesome techie stuff. I'm female, single, and live with one cat, a folk harp, a certain amount of yarn, and a certain number of books.

I have multiple chronic medical diagnoses, all of which are individually well-managed, but that sometimes gang up on me. (From your point of view, this means that there are days I'm up for comment and complicated conversation, and days I'm really not.)

Religiously speaking, I am an initiate and priestess in a small religous witchcraft tradition founded in Minnesota in the late 1990s. Since I now live 1500 miles from the rest of the tradition, I'm currently solitary, though open to talking about teaching students within at least occasional driving distance. (See projects, below.)

What you'll see on this journal
Most entries in my journal are locked by default (but there are some exceptions). I am generally fairly relaxed about adding people to my access list, but it helps if you leave a comment or make it easy for me to figure out why you might be interested in me. (See below for more on my current conversational Salon project).

What you will see includes:
- General posts from me, about daily life stuff.
- Occasional analytical posts from me, usually about some aspect of research, technology, academia, libraryland, or something else related.
- Occaisional analysis of specific books, music, or other creative stuff.
- Crossposts from my public religious blog.
- Crossposts from my professional blog.
- My stuck post on the top of the journal has links to some of my favourite posts, and can give you a sense of what my more detailed ones are like.

Current projects:
I am hosting a salon-style discussion on Wednesdays in my Dreamwidth journal. You can read the FAQ, and you can see previous salon threads as well. These are public posts, and anyone is welcome to comment (basically, don't damage the conversation and it's all good.)

I am one of the player-authors for Alternity: a alternate universe Harry Potter role-playing game/shared story. (see more in the stuck post at the top of my journal</a>), and I'm also our data goddess. (I do not talk about who I am playing in general posts in my journal. I do sometimes talk about the data geekery, or some other aspects of massive long-term collaborative projects.)

If you're interested in the project, feel free to ask me more by PM or on a recent post, or stop by , our discussion community on Dreamwidth. I am knitting a rather massive blanket to go with Alternity, because one epic project was apparently not enough.

I am generally fannish, but (outside of Alternity) do not do much fanfic writing. I wrote stories for Yuletide in 2011 and 2012, and expect to in 2013, as well. (I am also Jenett on AO3).

On the religious side, I maintain a somewhat infrequently updated blog, Limen: Thoughts from a Threshold, and I also maintain Seeking, which is a site for people interested in Paganism and more specifically religious witchcraft. I was on the board of Twin Cities Pagan Pride from 2005 until I moved in 2011, and am still involved in running Paganicon, a weekend-long Pagan hotel-based convention in March just outside Minneapolis.


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